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Contact us with your email and phone number if you will need any of the following so we get to you with more information. We […]



Breeders Pairs Exotic Birds For Sale

Dubai 14 hours ago 418 total views, 0 today

HawkHeads, African Greys, Cuban Amazons, Bluefronts, Golden Conures, Patagonian Conures, Blackcaps, Caiques, Senegals, Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Double Yellowhead Amazons, Blue Parrotlets, Spectal Amazons, Also Single Birds, […]



Blue and Gold Macaw Baby for sale

Dubai April 28, 2017 410 total views, 0 today

Beautiful Baby Blue and Gold baby available. It is nearly weaned on it’s own. we still feed it once a day. The baby fledged (flew) […]



Baby greenwing macaws for sale

Dubai April 28, 2017 534 total views, 0 today

We have a about 15 baby males/females greenwing macaw baby weaned and ready to go! He is eating great! Likes Zupreem pellets, corn on cob, […]



African Grey Timneh babies for sale

Dubai April 28, 2017 388 total views, 0 today

We have timneh African congo greys chicks available 3weeks old almost fully weaned and vaccinated, comes with a huge cage will send photos! http://arabaafroexoticbirdsfarm.nation2.com /   […]



Black Palm Cockatoos chicks on sale

Abu Dhabi April 28, 2017 467 total views, 0 today

Our Black Palm Cockatoos only lay one egg at a time and our 2 breeding pairs have excelled this season with the Goliath Palms also […]



Fertile parrot eggs and baby parrots for sale

Dubai April 28, 2017 480 total views, 0 today

We have available healthy Baby parrots and fertile parrot eggs for sale at very good prices. We have well weaned, hand reared and well tamed […]



Trained Talking African Congo grey for sale

Dubai April 27, 2017 414 total views, 0 today

Home trained African Grey parrot for sell veterinary checked home raised potty trained health guaranteed sociable, playful, lovely talking, contact: . http://arabaafroexoticbirdsfarm.nation2.com /   abrabaafroexoticbirds@aol.com  



Hyacinth Macaw eggs with Incubators for sale

Dubai April 27, 2017 519 total views, 0 today

Pair and fresh hyacinth Macaw eggs with Incubators available.This hyacinth macaw baby is 8 weeks old (8/17/14) and on 3 hand feedings a day. The […]



10 week old Blue and Gold Macaw for sale.

Dubai April 26, 2017 436 total views, 0 today

Hand fed and socialized with Kids. Parents are magnificent specimens in full feather, and dad’s the largest B&G Ready now for 2 feedings a day, […]

dyhamazonfemaletalker 2


Double Yellow headed Amazon & Moluccan Cockatoo

Abu Dhabi April 26, 2017 781 total views, 1 today

Both are pets, tame, talking and come with large california cages on wheels with play tops and toys. going back to school and can’t care […]



Babies Cockatoos Parrot Species For sale

Dubai April 26, 2017 376 total views, 0 today

These cockatoos parrot species is very affectionate to their owners. All of our Pairs and baby Cockatoos species are incubator hatched and handfed from day […]



Malibu Macaw Chicks for sale

Dubai April 23, 2017 419 total views, 0 today

These Malibu macaw chicks are 4-4week olds and ready for new homes and farms. We are offering them to all those who will like to […]

umbrellaCockatoomale (5)


Beautiful Umbrella Cockatoos Available

Abu Dhabi April 23, 2017 460 total views, 0 today

Umbrella Cockatoo that needs new homes. These birds are very friendly and love’s kids. They are talkative and singers that loves attention and likes to […]



Exotic Birds for sale Pet /Breeders

Abu Dhabi April 22, 2017 457 total views, 0 today

  Arabian Afro Exotic Birds Farm is a hobby breeder program operated by Barbara Garland.  we currently have 16 breeder pair of parrots. My breeding pairs consist of: […]



Gang Gang Cockatoo pair

Dubai April 22, 2017 725 total views, 1 today

  11year old Gang Gang Cockatoos, proven pair, perfect feather, somewhat tame, contact farm for details. http://arabaafroexoticbirdsfarm.nation2.com /   abrabaafroexoticbirds@aol.com



Salmon Crested Cockatoos for sale with Discounts

Abu Dhabi April 21, 2017 398 total views, 1 today

KiKi is 9 years old. He is a salmon colored crested cockatoo that loves to talk and dance! He is a member of the family, […]



Fertile Parrot Eggs And Parrot Birds For Sale

Dubai April 21, 2017 503 total views, 0 today

When it comes to the sales and exportation of parrot eggs, Arabian Afro Bird Farm Net has it all. We have very fresh parrot eggs […]

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